Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 2: Celebrity Crush

Supposed to be Emma Watson in case that isn't clear.
Having fun getting used to my computer again. not sure
if any of these values work. I'll fix them if I can grab 
another computer sometime soon. Merry Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day One: Self Portrait

Thought I would do a daily challenge thing over the winter break.
I've been using the cintiqs for so long that it's a little hard for me
to switch back to my tablet. I also recently found Macklemore
and Childish Gambino. It's all I listen to now. Also trying to look
at a few masters. I started focusing on some of the tiny details in
my face a little too early, and then started looking at Liepke and 
noticed how he focuses more on blocking it in correctly. I started
out by looking at this guy named Sachin Teng and was just playing
with his design sense, and I also did a few studies of Eric Canete
earlier this morning. This is basically my brains summary of a bunch
of artists and just a bit of  me. I'm kind of on a painting trip now.

Merry almost Christmas Eve. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Blue Room

Over the past few days I've been working
on a new project based on an urban legend.
A few years after Mary Winchester died
Harry Houdini went to the Winchester
house with a medium. She was there to 
prove that she could interact with those 
who are beyond the grave. He was there
to prove she could not. What else happens
in the story is still in flux, but that's the gist.

I played around with mediums and colors
just to get out a few rough ideas. Starting
with pencil and in a more cartoony style is
my comfort zone, but it allowed me to focus
mainly on the personalities. 

With this drawing I was worried less
about getting the character into it, and 
more about drawing in a style inspired
by Arthur Rackham, focusing on lines, 
patterns, textures and colors. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Urban Legends

Today we got our new assignment
and I'm already excited. I don't exactly
know what story we're going with, but
I just wanted to get my feet wet. I read
a few creepy stories about ghosts, demons
and aliens and just started painting the little
ideas that would pop into my head.

I also wanted to see what I could push
with a lack of saturation or complete
saturation, low key and high key, etc.
Really I just wanted to play. 

I also talked to my teammates and 
it looks like we should be able to
try something new involving glass.

basically, I'm excited. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


What have I done recently you might ask?
Not a whole hell of a lot. A 30 minute study
and some revised character designs. But life 
stuff has happened. I got to put together a 
portfolio and I realized that portfolio's aren't
exactly something you can rush. It's also something
that you slowly put together overtime.
I also got to go to CTN animation expo
this year! that was amazing and inspiring!
I got to meet some amazing artists, and I got
a few interviews which were more than
fantastic. I'm off to another class though.
Happy thanksgiving to everyone!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

City of the Beasts and things

All of these are quick paintings
showing how I felt about every
scene. Basically I needed a break
from painting Nadia, so I took
today to paint a few of these.
I like how they came out so I might
paint the rest of the book this way.
I just need to find the time.
so basically a kid runs home from school
and finds out that his mom who has been
sick is going to get treatment in texas.
He has to go live with his grandma
in New York and go on a trip with her to
the Amazon. He also has to find his way
to her place and has no idea how
to get there. On the way he gets all
his stuff stolen.
He finally finds his grandmothers
apartment after a long ordeal. He's
angry she didn't pick him up but the
second she answers the door she starts
scolding him for taking so long and
his attitude immediately changes.

She acts like he needs to be able to
take better care of himself and find
his way around places because if
he can't make it here, he can't make
it anywhere. Especially the Amazon.

When he gets there he meets this girl
who talks to animals and they basically
become soulmates later but they don't
right now. Yeah, I'm awesome at stories.
be he gets to this place and they talk
and stuff. It's cool, trust me. 

Then they start heading down the
amazon in search for The Beasts.
A few other characters join them and
Everything is fine...for now.
While I'm here, I'll also post a
few quick studies I did recently.
I wanted to see how much I could
do in less and less time:
1 hour:
30 minutes:

12 minutes:

Friday, October 26, 2012

City of the Beasts

This is the main Character for our new BFA project:
Alexander Cold. It took me a while to start to get how
this style worked, and this is about when it started
working for me.

I then moved onto a few color and pattern studies.
I then grabbed the pieces that I liked from each and
combined them to make something that felt like Alex.

I tried out a different painting style and it feels like
it works for this project. It takes forever because it's
so completely different to me than attacking the cintiq
with my tablet pen, but I imagine that having to think
about each gradient and shadow shape is probably a 
good thing. Two more characters by Friday! 

The other thing I decided to do to help us
out was make a short opening video to
start off our presentation. here is the BG
and this is the video:

Friday, October 19, 2012

City of the Beasts

 Our BFA class is starting a new project and we just finished the first week.
 The story is about a boy named Alexander Cold who is starting to grow up. 
While his father takes Alexander's sick mother to a hospital he is sent to live
with his grandmother who promptly takes him to the Amazon where he meets
 Nadia Santos. A half Native South American, half Canadian nine year old
who is one of the wisest characters in the book. Not smart, but wise. She can
talk to animals and always travels around with a monkey named Boroba.
 The wisest character in the book is Walimai. an old man who can travel 
to and from the spirit realm. A young lady's soul is tied to him and travels
with him until it is finally his turn to walk as a soul.
 A few other characters are Doctor Torres, the nurse who is trying
to protect  the indians by inoculating them with antibodies, Professor
LeBlanc, a rather annoying author who writes fantasy that masquerades
as history, and Cesar Santos, a man smitten (like all the others) with 
Doctor Torres who is also leading the expedition and is Nadia's father.
We were allowed to choose an art style for our group and we chose
Disney TV. I tried to spend a lot of the first week trying to draw like it.
 Playing with heads, shapes and gestures is something I haven't really done
in a while and it was fun to get back to pencils and graphite sticks.
A lot of what I tried was meant to break the drawing by starting off with
a quick sketch of buttered toast, or Frontbutt (the colored in drawing above) 
with his butt in front, or his anatomically incorrect mouth. There were quite 
a few times where I looked at my paper and said "That's so stupid." 
but I loved that. 
There are quite a few fun props to do and I haven't ever really done prop
design so I had no idea what I was doing (which was really exciting!) Her 
necklace is a huge story element so I thought I'd play with that or even how
many different kinds of feathers or bottles there could be. 
 We decided to do the Amazonian town in the book and built it on stilts.
I played around with a few value comps and tried something more towards
the Disney TV for kids style. I might have broken it a bit, but I would have
love it as a kid.
Lastly, I enjoyed when Nadia and Alexander met Padre Valdomero, a European
priest who has actually seen the beast. This is the drawing I expected him to give them.

*          *          *          *          *

We have a fun team, and many weeks ahead so I look forward to future posts.
My visual development cohorts are:

Bridget Ore:             
Jen Armstrong:          
Naima Sawyer-Dymski: 

You should look at their stuff because it's awesome.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Well Line art

I changed my character design and
drew a few moment peice ideas. Had
a lot of fun drawing these yesterday,
and can't wait to start painting them.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

24 hour Animation

Our job was to finish an animation in 24 hours.
We didn't quite do that, but we painted some
pretty pictures! Al Sparks and I teamed up
to make these. He would give me a quick 
layout, I would draw and begin the painting,
Then I would hand it back to him to finish while
I started the next one. Hopefully we'll finish the 
film soon, now back to sleep.