Thursday, June 21, 2012

Watercolors and stuff

Just bought my first set of grown up watercolors
(ones not made by Crayola) and started to enjoy
the struggle of a new medium. 

I feel the most comfortable with faces and
who better to paint than Harry Potter, Korra
and that other dude. 

after these first few paintings I talked
to a friend of mine who's used watercolors
for a lot longer than three days and he lent
a brush that was bigger than 2cm

That half inch brush made painting a lot easier,
messier and more fun. 

Painted over a few more drawings from my
cousins wedding and some random lady 
offered to maybe hire me and a friend to 
paint at her sons wedding shower. 

Painted a bit more of The Urinicorns.
getting more and more comfortable
with the medium but still figuring it out

most recent watercolor sketch.

Drew my Cousin and his now-wife
as they say "I do"

work in progress from a few days ago 

and another work in progress,
but this one is more harry potter themed.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Whole Kit and Caboodle

I finally found a scanner. I'm a little disappointed that this is all I have to show for 4 weeks. 
The majority of my painting has been struggling to remember how to paint traditionally again
after spending weeks and months focusing on photoshop. It ends up being one of those things
that you absolutely hate but love at the same time. Like hugging a kitten with sharp claws, or 

Al Sparks and I went on a nature hike/preserve thing and painted. He's been practicing
traditional longer, and he's also just faster than me so for my one painting he knocked out
about five or six. It was a fun day with sun burns and dehydration, but we enjoyed it.

He and I also painted up near Sierra College as they had a nice sunset. Like I said.

After the sunset we set up a few still lifes and did a few hour long studies. Not my
best work, but I'm happy with them because I had never touched watercolor or 
gouache before. I need to get my own set. 

Some more brushing up with half hour color studies, and limited pallets. 

Drawing is where I get to have the most fun. I started reading House of Leaves
and within a few pages I started to really feel how characters look, the color of
buildings, and the aura of it all, so I decided to draw some characters from that
and from another book I'm finishing called Chasing Badger. 

I met up with my old church and sketched intermittently throughout three
hours or so. I really wish the band was named Urinicorn. Why that name 
popped up in my head, I can't remember.

My sister is in an improv group called Blacktop Comedy and I got to grab
drinks after their show one night. They are hilarious both on and off stage. 

Now back to summer reading, doodling, and camping. Hopefully the next 
update won't take as long, but will contain just as much. Happy Summer.