Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cement Shoes

Just finished this early this morning.
It was from a couple sketches I 
did earlier over the break.
Might even have a few
more like it coming

Friday, January 20, 2012

The First of the Killers.

I've been working on this for too 
long. I did some fun line art the other
 day, and I just haven't really been
 in the mood to clean it up and paint
 it.I threw some paint on in about
50 minutes and figured I would
 at least upload some part of the
process. It should get better.
I should add at least five more
people into this mix of odd fellows

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Midday Doodle

Been scratching this one around for too long.
Also was helping out my sis with 
a few computer problems.
now she can play skyrim
and I can do my art
at the same time. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Person from Finland

Would be someone who is Finnish, which is my 10 o'clock tired humor
way of saying I am finished with this. The guy left after I did the line
drawing and I just decided to try to paint it.
In short, I need to learn how to 
paint ears.

another text tornado.
yay for

Starbucks Upload

At a coffee shop with Nick and Al listening to The Wombats. The last one I'm in the 
middle of having fun painting and should upload it soon. I just got online for some,
and then promptly forgot the reason, and then decided to upload stuff.

The Hand

Probably the last of my drawings out of my head for today. 
I want to do a couple more tomorrow.
Hopefully I'll get a little 
more art done

I made a tornado with text

Chocolate Cake and Raisins

The baby is going down for a nap so I tried to do one more
from my head and I'm happy with it. I love silly scribblings.
I have a few friends in the area so I might force them to let me draw with them tonight. And by might I mean I definitely will, and by force I mean casually coax with my fists. Or words. Whichever works first.

art and babysitting.

Decided to draw from my head this morning and just have fun. I can't work on anything for too long because I'm watching my niece, and I don't know how to multi task that yet. This post in itself is taking me a few hours just to post. The rest of the day should have more art coming

Musing of the Day

A night of wine and hardly concious doodling led me to this,
a quick drawing of a few friends as we pretended to art
and watch A Fish Called Wanda. When the movie stopped
so did the pretending. We then made popcorn and discussed
the little we understood of string theory, and what time would 
be like if it were a physical thing. There this is also the first time
in a long time that I was able to use my tablet!