Monday, December 24, 2012

Day 2: Celebrity Crush

Supposed to be Emma Watson in case that isn't clear.
Having fun getting used to my computer again. not sure
if any of these values work. I'll fix them if I can grab 
another computer sometime soon. Merry Christmas Eve.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Day One: Self Portrait

Thought I would do a daily challenge thing over the winter break.
I've been using the cintiqs for so long that it's a little hard for me
to switch back to my tablet. I also recently found Macklemore
and Childish Gambino. It's all I listen to now. Also trying to look
at a few masters. I started focusing on some of the tiny details in
my face a little too early, and then started looking at Liepke and 
noticed how he focuses more on blocking it in correctly. I started
out by looking at this guy named Sachin Teng and was just playing
with his design sense, and I also did a few studies of Eric Canete
earlier this morning. This is basically my brains summary of a bunch
of artists and just a bit of  me. I'm kind of on a painting trip now.

Merry almost Christmas Eve.